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Narrow Miss by Kayla Dawn Thomas is available!!!

A new book by fellow indie writer Kayla Dawn Thomas, ‘Narrow Miss’ is now available for pre-order!

‘Narrow Miss’ is a part of multi-part series about Jenna Ray, ‘a former computer tech turned Wayward Husband Wrangler’. ‘Narrow Miss’ is released as a stand-alone novella and later will become a part of bigger collection that will be released digitally and in paperback.

I already grabbed my copy of ‘Narrow Miss’. I was honored to be an advanced reader for Kayla and got to read the book. I loved it! Jenna Ray is sassy, witty and can hold her own. The story made me laugh and shake my head and have a ton of fun. I highly recommend it!

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Computer geek by day, paranormal and urban fantasy writer by night, Lillith Black hails from Southern California where the weather is great and the ocean is just 30 min away.

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  1. Ah, yes, head shaking. The book is a success. It was super fun to write.