Lillith Black

Paranormal and Urban Fantasy


I began to read when I was three years old and have never stopped, reading is something that I love with all my heart. I started with fairy tales, which I love to read till now, and as I got older I have progressed to sci-fi and fantasy and never left that realm.

Imagining worlds and things that don’t exist but are real on paper, drifting away in time and space, meeting creatures from other planets and solving crimes in space-time continuum, falling in love with robots that are more human than humans, rooting for space travelers that are stuck on a planet with gravity so strong that even light can’t escape it.

What I have always loved about books is that anything is possible and anything can be created out of thin air. Something that didn’t exist just a moment ago becomes real as the words are laid on paper and you lose yourself in the world that only exists in your mind.

Writing to me is uncovering a book that hasn’t been written yet. Writing chapters is exciting as I can’t wait to find out what’s next. I don’t outline my stories as I have no idea where they will go. I just dig for those hidden pages, unearth them, clean them up and bring them to life.

My current project: a vampire romance novel, “Love Me or Bite Me”.

My sci-fi short story “In the Event of a Migraine Take A Snot” has been published as a part of NaNo Los Angeles anthology, “Believe Me Not, An Unreliable Anthology”, available in paperback and on Kindle. The anthology is a non-profit effort to support a young writers program.

My YA fantasy novel “Sleepwalker Chronicles: The Awakening”, is available on Amazon in an e-book and paperback format.

My latest release, and urban fantasy romance novel, Gifted by the Moon, is now available on Amazon.

I am a proud member of the Great Los Angeles Writers Society.