Lillith Black

Paranormal and Urban Fantasy

Love Me or Bite Me, a Vampire Novel

Sink your teeth into this vampire love triangle. Love Me or Bite Me is a vampire romance novel.

Meet Nicole, a college girl who has had her share of unrequited love.

Nicole’s heart’s been broken many times and she has given up on love. Until… one day she meets Tristan, a vampire, who’s main goal in existence is to join the Council of Chalice and Dagger, highest authority among his kind. Tristan is “the hottest guy she has ever met”, and Nicole’s world is turned upside down.

Nicole is willing to give anything for love, even her human life, but when she feels that her relationship is heading down the familiar path of a broken heart, she knows she has to take matters into her own hands. The resulting situation however is not what she has planned for. She will have to make some difficult choices and find out what her heart really wants.

Love Me or Bite Me is a book from Chalice and Dagger universe and is currently under development.

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