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Multi-tasking and Writing

I think I am not a multi-tasker.

I always thought I was, and god knows at work I act like I am at least two people at all times, but when it comes to writing, I’m just not.

For the past six months I’ve been working on my book and that caused me to completely neglect my blog. (SORRY, BLOG! SORRY, READERS!)

I felt like every time I had to choose. If I was working on the book, my mind was all there, so if I dared to write for the blog, I was losing my book’s story line freshness. Apparently I am monogamous when it comes to writing assignments, or at least I am monogamous one at a time.

I envy writers that can work on a book (or two) while also working on some short stories and perhaps an article they have freelanced.

As far as I’m concerned, working on one project at a time allows me to concentrate all of my attention just on that, and let me tell you my attention is scarce, with having a full-time job, house, husband, kids. So whatever little attention I have leftover by the end of the day, I only channel it to one thing. This year I picked the novel to be a priority. Now that the first draft is done and I’m letting it simmer, I can pour some of my soul on my blog.

How do you work? Are you able to juggle many projects and stay on a top? Or are you a writing single-tasker?


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  1. I am about to find out whether or not I can multi-task write. 🙂 I just recently got back into writing when I started my blog a month or so ago. So, I am in the experimenting phase. While I enjoy writing for the blog, I am anxious to try others things as well. I plan to look into some writing contests and such so that I can try other forms of writing, while still keeping up with the blog. We will see what happens!