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I love my Kindle

Ok, I know, I shouldn’t be professing love to an inanimate object, but I do love that darn thing!

My Kindle is the first generation, nothing fancy (ok, it has the 3G, hallelujah!), but I love it just the way it is. I received it for Christmas few years ago and it’s the best “toy” I own.

Initially, I wanted a Kindle to slow the growth of book piles in my house because I love books (another inanimate object I’m in love with). I thought buying a book in digital would a) help me de-clutter my house, b) save some trees. And as much as I love the smell of new books, my small house could only hold so much. So my lovely husband gave me the Kindle.

That very night I hooked it up to my Amazon account and the rest was history. First of all I was ecstatic that one of the free books on it were Sherlock Holmes stories (my favorite character of all times!). Second of all I loved that the Kindle was so light and small, I could fit it anywhere and read it any time I wanted. And the battery held the charge for weeks! Those were the obvious benefits.

The more I used it, the more benefits or shall I say Reasons To Love I discovered.

Here are my top ones:

  1. Kindle is for reading only. There is no temptation or capability to freely browse the web and get distracted. It is electronic, but it’s just a book.
  2. I can get a new book any time I want. Once I was home sick and ended up reading 4 of the 10 books from “Mary O’Reilly” series by Terri Reid. As soon as I finished one, I got the next one, it was AWESOME!
  3. I got to discover indie writers that I wouldn’t have read otherwise. I think this is the part I love the most about Kindle and Amazon, the chance for the writers put their books out there in the world. I found and read many great indie books and got introduced to some talented people.
  4. Since I got my Kindle, I have read more books than ever before.
  5. When I read my Kindle, no one has to know what book I am on – there is no “book cover”.
  6. My reading progress is synchronized between all of my devices and I can continue to read the book on anything I choose if I happened to forget my Kindle at home

What are your favorite things about e-readers?

What indie writers have you discovered recently?


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8 Replies

  1. Oh my gosh! We ARE kindred spirits. I love my kindle for all of those reasons. I have the old one with the keyboard and have no desire to upgrade unless it dies (heaven forbid). I invested in a pretty leather cover with a reading light built in. That thing goes EVERYWHERE with me.

    1. We have an exactly same Kindle! Mine has leather cover as well and I don’t want to upgrade since I love mine just the way it is. I read you book on it, it was great! 😉

      1. What color is your cover? Mine’s apple green. Another thing I love is being able to underline passages and easily go back and find them in my clippings. 🙂

        1. Mine is black ( my favorite color) Believe it or not, I never got around to learning how to manage underlining :O

  2. I’m thinking I want to get a kindle!

    1. I love it, it’s like carrying a book store in your pocket, a dream come true! If you do get one, I would recommend to get the simplest, paper-white one. The ones that are like a tablet (Fire) that have a shiny screen defeat the whole purpose, they are hard to read on and offer too much distraction.

      1. Hey, thanks so much for the tip.