Lillith Black

Exploring life through writing

Why am I afraid to write

When I was a child, I loved to make up stories. My best friend and I would talk for hours and come up with the craziest stories that we would sometimes write down. As I got older life happened, story-telling and writing were placed on a ‘way back’-burner. First I didn’t have the time and then I didn’t have […]

Writing, there is no other way to be

Books and my family have an affair that’s been going on for over two centuries. My great-great-grandfather owned a book store and was a book doctor. He would sell and lend books, but most importantly would give ‘sick’ books new life. Books weren’t mass produced back then the way they are today. Books were read […]

Be Happy: The Simple Pleasures

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to Simplify My Life. Besides the obvious things like clearing out the clutter, getting more organized and other physical matters, I think it is important to simplify my life perception. So often I find myself unhappy and wonder why. I mean, I have everything that an average American […]